You’re specially invited for the next FREE Ibadan IT Empowerment Training on:

  1. Digital Marketing:

Our Digital Marketing course is the most comprehensive and detailed training on digital marketing and advertising, the course is designed to keep you in line with the changes in this dynamic and exciting field and helping you create effective and up-to-date customer-centric digital marketing plans for your business or clients. The course combines established approaches to marketing planning with the creative use of new digital models and digital tools. The courses are designed to support both marketers and digital marketers, and students of business or marketing who want a thorough yet practical grounding in digital marketing.

Graphic Design:

Graphics design can be said to be the pillar upon which media revolves. Every brand would at one time or another require the services of a graphic designer. Hence, creative graphic designers are in constant demand by brand & advertisement companies, movie, films, printing, publishing, game, and animation industry. Students considering a career in graphic design will find this course educating and enlightening.

Students will be taught the fundamentals of graphic design as well as advanced techniques in the advanced course. Students will learn how to work with text and images to create, gift items, brochures, logos, advertisements, user interface design for websites and other graphic design needs.

  1. 3D Graphic Animation

The field of 3D animation can be said to have experienced explosive growth over the past decades. The advent and availability of improved tools have not only made animators more efficient but has also made the field a more lucrative one. Considering the diverse uses of 3D animation, from being used as television commercials by firms to transmitting a great story in a movie not forgetting the very popular video games and also cartoons for children.

It can, therefore, be said that 3D animation is a field that is capable of reaching various kinds of people irrespective of age group, social or cultural diversity. What better time than this is suited to tap into the world of 3D Animation.

Bluescripts not only caters to the theoretical aspect of 3D animation but also ensures that students are equipped with the required skill set necessary to excel in the field. Enrolling to study 3D animation at Bluescripts avail students an opportunity to obtain practical experience with industry-standard software programs and tools.

  1. Web Design

During this free web design training and empowerment, you will learn how to design websites using content management system (CMS), there are so many CMS out there but the one we will focus on is Word Press.

Do you know that a lot of people are making money at the moment through web design and blogging since everyone is been forced online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can also join them this year 2021 if you have the skill.

Join us at Bluescripts IT institute for this Free Ibadan It Empowerment Training this year 2021 and let me hold your hands and teach you the basics of IT world