Covid-19 has posed a major setback on businesses, education, tourism, manufacturing etc. One of the sectors that didn’t experience this down turn is telecommunication industries and IT. Basically, we can say it affects education greatly but institutions that ride on information technology has used this period to get more attentions from people, through their effective campaign on internet. This came into being by rolling all their products and services online for people to purchase, this makes it easy for customers and clients of such enterprises to gain more patronage, awareness and attention from the general populace.
Companies or firm that ride on IT has recorded major boost in sales, patronage and general acceptability .It was during this pandemic that some new companies emerged online to showcase their products and services to general public.This was made possible by employing expert: in designing their online platform; digital marketing that rides on the wing of well implemented SEO; social media marketing; video marketing; content marketing and google adwords.
To be candid, we can say that IT sector during covid -19 gained more attention than any other sector apart from food industries in Nigeria and in the world at large.
There are other areas of IT that gained more attention, one of them is telecommunication industries, e-learning platform an so on….
It is a general acceptable norm that, the world will shift pragmatically to e-learning. Higher institutions of learning will see it as a need to move part of their lectures and trainings online for the whole world to access,,,,also moving their trainings online will aid more development or capacity building for staffs that are working and also can use their spare time to learn a new skills or earn higher degree without affecting their work.
Covid-19 was a development and creative season for companies and individuals to look to implement what is needed to move their companies forward…Before pandemic, there are companies that have rode on e-learning some of which are udemy, Bluescripts, …
However, there are other firm like Ufitfly, zeenat travels and tours, senabasedge, msm, qualifyloaf etc that are now harnessing IT to reach out to their prospective customers…some of them also organized online summit, virtual interview session, seminar etc to educate general public on topic relating to:
Multi Income
Home management

In conclusion, all businesses that have no or low presence online should have a rethink as there is a paradigm shift in the way businesses are transact.


Deji IT-Sikkim Manipal University ,Phd Computer Sci-Inview

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