Do it yourself”

Are you looking for ways to register with us without leaving the comfort of your house?

Do you want to complete your registration as fast as possible?

Do you want a stress free registration for your canada admission?

Then “DIY” is the best option for you

“Do it yourself” is an e-book created by the organization to ease the burden of students who wants to apply for admission in our partner universities through our platform.

With this E- book, you are able to:


Foreign education

Get the list of our partner schools in Canada so you can choose the best

Have knowledge about the requirements needed to meet up with the registration

Get familiar with the tuition fees and even our scholarships.

Process your visa on your own.

Access your portal and make adequate changes yourself when required.

All you need to do is to pay a certain amount of money  to subscribe to this e- book and then your registration is guaranteed.After subscribing to this e book, you will be able to process your registration on your own without any help.

Also, for those of us who are not IT compliant and might encounter difficulties during the process

Guess what?

We have got you covered as well

If you need the offer, send your request to-