Overseas education is one of the best investments parents can give their wards. Some of the great leaders in the world had at least a little foreign education. If we check from Nigeria…our past Minister of finance has foreign education, Late Mahatma Gandhi had in the Europe, …while some of our great Senior advocate in Nigeria had foreign education. One of the vibrant politician, resourceful investor in Nigeria had foreign education to support his academic tank. He is Honourable Akin Alabi…this man had played major roles in capacity building and training to youths In Nigeria. He is a man that is ready to empty himself for the good of average Nigerians.I have seen him doing this for long, he is still doing it to general public to those that are keen to make positive change in their lives. Aside him, I can point you to business mongul- Mike Adenuga, Deji Adeleke, Deji Oyinloye, Prof Tayo (Vc Babcock University). If I continue the list will go on and on.
The basic line of message is not to rely on half bake education that cannot give you any value either at international labour market or local labour market where there are stiff competitions.
Having said all these, I need to recap that, successing doenst have to do with where you school or who you know or who are your parents…it has to do with how you make effective use of opportunities that fly around you..How do you see or relate with people you meet with on daily basis….Generally, schooling abroad make you to tolerate people you meet….you meet with diverse people from different race, you meet with people that work against your cultural, moral or religious believe….this doesn’t make you choose them as your enemy…
So you learn a lot during overseas schooling.
When I was studying abroad, I met with people from countries that eat what is abornimable to my religious believes, room mate or school mate engaging in what I see as good while some engage in illicit habit…this is none of my business but the knowledge and the exposure.