Technology behind remote control gate is simple to implement for those that know its rudiment. Most of the gate opener in the world use solar. This makes it easy for its operation during blackout. From users’ experience and review received online, customers prefer gate powered by the sun…this is what Ducati gate opener is offering to Nigerian to solve security and privacy problem faced by homeowner.

Ducati sliding gate opener is powered by a 12- volt DC battery. This can be charged by either ‘Solar Power’ or ‘240v Mains Power. Automatic gate opener provides total convenience to your home and security. The motorized gate gets its power from the sun. Any solar energy not used in the day will be stored for use at night or on cloudy days.
For more details about this, reach out to Bluescripts home automation…expert in installation of remote control gate in Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria.

Getting either swing gate opener or sliding gate opener doesn’t require sourcing it from Italy, It is very available in Nigeria for those that know the value of Italian products. I have seen many homeowners using inferior gate opener manufactured in Asia or Africa.

I can say with all boldness that this type is not meant for Nigerians, it is meant for countries with 24hours power supply.

Apart from power supply, there are other issues to be looked into apart from power,I am listing them for your use below

Country Of Origin



I have to tell you that, of all the above points listed above, Ducati is far more better than other remote gate in Nigeria.

When talking about Italy. we know Italy to be one of the oldest country in the world with good track record in technology. Also, if you don’t know, Ducati remote gate openers come with two years warranty…the warranty cover replacement and not repair