Do you know there are more jobs than skilled hands available in the following fields: Web development, Graphics & animation and Digital marketing industries?

What is stopping you from becoming expert in above professions?

Our training fee is just #5,000 per week for 5 weeks.

And,we dont just train you to become web developer, digital marketing and animator, we also empower you with all skills needed to make a living….

In that wise, you are to  answer the following questions and we will only shortlist successful candidates who will be asked to pay sum of  #1000 to the accept before it expires.


(1).Kindly note that you are to answer this question by submitting only answers.

(2).Do not show your workings for the mathematics questions.

(3). Your answers must be concise and straight forward.


(1).Why do you want to attend the training?

(2).What can you contribute to solve Nigeria problem if you are
giving the chance?

(3).What do you know about digital marketing and web development?

(4).What is graphic design and what does it include?

(5).Where is graphic design  used?

(6). “10-8” can also be thought of as “What is the difference
between 10 and 8?

(7). Find the value of 3+2*(8-3)

Prepare your answer an send it to or  our  whatsapp -08156774029
Submission deadline- Wednesday 6pm
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