Right from inception, homeowners believe in the concept of using conventional gate to secure their home. We can say, there is nothing wrong with this but when looking  at the present economic state  in the world, it call for all and sundry to look for mean to reduce their expenses. Do you really know what it means to automate a Gate?What ae the good component of automatic gate opener? These questions are not tough to answer if you really understand gate automation. Let me tell you criteria to look after when looking for gate opener

  1. Warranty
  2. Power Source
  3.  Kit contents
  4. Manufacturing country
  5. Availability of spare parts.

Above are the key things to check for vetting for automatic sliding gate, automatic swing gate opener. If you really want to enjoy full security with your gate, you must be sure that your gate opener must not be from third world country..

You are to make sure that you gate opener have availability of spare parts…one of the company that meet these requirement is Ducat gate opener..it come with two years warranty, it is powered by solar, it is manufactured in Italy….This remote control gate has spare parts…it can be gotten in Nigeria without stress. When I did my research, I got to know that, the only company that can represent such company is a technology either in digital market service or real estate company….Bluescripts  Home Automation as I have said has strong affinity in home automation, they are expert in gate automation…they give you good technical advice before you build you gate.

From Bluescripts Home Automation you can get sliding gate opener for 400kg, 700kg, 800kg, 1000kg,1500kg. and for swing you get swing gate opener that can open gate length 5.2m, 7m, 8m, 12m

All these are the types of remote control gate sell by Bluescripts Home automation…also you can order for the automatic remote gate online at smartshome……


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